Global Equal Opportunities Social Services

Is an initiative to create a global digital service ecosystem specifically designed to meet the needs of people who are less able to participate in social and economic life because of physical deficiencies caused by illness, age or other circumstances


GLEOSS is driven by World’s Global Telecom as an open-to-join cooperation project that shall lead to development of a cloud service platform with a mobile network core as the foundation upon which anyone would be able to create and scale services and supportive devices for people with specific disability profiles.

  • World’s Global Telecom was founded by a group of globally minded entrepreneurs and investors.
  • World’s Global Telecom is a member of International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and actively cooperates with specialized institutions of several countries and IT and telecom service providers on the design and implementation of a platform focused on people with disabilities.
  • World’s Global Telecom formed the GLEOSS initiative as a unique global governance and distribution model open for all who are passionate to contribute to making life more integrated and inclusive.

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For technology partners

GLEOSS is a technological project to create scalable cloud service platform architecture and populate it with specific services united by a common logic and distribution approach.

  • Become technology partner of GLEOSS, or share your ideas, knowledge and technology.
  • Let us discuss what your organization could do to help some specific segment of people with disabilities
  • We are specifically addressing mobile operators in every country to discuss favorable roaming and local radio access terms for reaching limited number of verified people with disabilities via local care institutions.

Supervisory Board

  • The supervisory board of GLEOSS is currently in formation, it shall consist of 15 honorable members of global community representing charitable organizations and technology experts.
  • The role of the board will be to define the governance guidelines and to ensure their implementation by the operational team.
  • You can suggest candidates that you think would fit and be glad to be members of the supervisory board of GLEOSS (you are welcome to suggest yourself), briefly explaining the candidate’s distinctions.

For charities and care organizations

Being a charity or a care organization, you know specific needs and demands of specific groups of people.

Become partners of GLEOSS and discuss with us what could technology do to help people you know need help.

We can coordinate effort and find path to create solutions on the edge of empathy and technology, and we can try together to organize financing that could become feasible due to global scale with the help of GLEOSS.

Write to us or register as Care Partner here:

Tel.: +41797488818

Country representatives

  • List of contacts of country representatives is here.
  • You are welcome to propose candidates to represent GLEOSS in your country, including yourself.